Different Things You Can Do While in Bed with Your Partner

Being with your partner is the best moment, but sharing great moments is the most admirable thing. Having fun in bed with your partner isn’t all about sex; there are different things that you can enjoy together.

Playing some music, striptease, and games

Although many people don’t take delivery of this, everyone dreams about a nice and horny striptease. Snatch the risk and make your partner erotic and play the first-class sensuous song. In case your partner is bored with striptease, you can play pillow fight.

Massaging each other.

Do back, foot and scalp massages using scented or flavored massage oil. The wonderful fragrance of the oil will blow your lover’s mind. These techniques can help you both relax as well as turn you on.


Having a meal in bed is sexy. Prepare and serve breakfast in bed while wearing some sexy lingerie. This will no doubt start your partner’s day off very well.

Watching your partner sleep

Watching your partner sleep gives you time to admire them and think about various issues affecting your relationship. It can be an amazing things to enjoy finding the little unique features your partner has that you may not have otherwise noticed.

Indulging in Foreplay

Don’t jump straight to sex. Top foreplay is all you need to turn on your associate. Tease your partner a little, communicate naughty, after which give your partner exact oral intercourse.

Wearing something seductive

Many partners often ignored this factor, but what you wear and present yourself in front of your partner matters a lot. Wearing something seductive can turn on your partner in seconds. This brings new energy and sparks to your sex life.

You are acting a little Kinky.

Discover new sides of your sexuality and bask in something that you in no way did earlier than. Be suggestive and enthusiastic lovemaking. Experiment with something wild and uncouth that you can both appreciate. Now and then trying out a bit dirty lovemaking with your partner can also can do wonders. But your companion has to be cozy in doing hard and wild intercourse. If you two are really adventurous you can try hiring a beautiful third lover for a threesome from Eve London Escorts.

Pay Attention to Your Senses.

If you discover you’re self-considering something non-intercourse-related at some stage in sex, tuning into your senses will assist you to connect to what feels exact and live presentations at some point of intercourse. Ask yourself what you hear, see, taste, smell and feel during sex and this will help you be there with your lover.